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Request for streamlined setup


Great looking app! I saw it quite a while ago and am happy yall made it this far! I am hoping I can support you guys and make the app work with my setup, as I have been waiting for the RC 505 MK2 but honestly looks incredibly disappointing. Much more excited now that I see how much you have done with the app. Anyway, here it is:

I am trying to use loopy pro to replace my rc300 foot pedal. Currently this is my setup:

Various instruments and mics running to my ‘Mackie dl16 (iPad mixer)’ with instrument and xlr cables.

That runs to my rc looper via a ‘send’ channel and my looper runs back to the mixer through an open mixer channel.

The main out for my mixer runs to an audio interface and that goes to my monitors.

In addition to that hardware I have these that may help/be needed for loopy;

-usbc hub for iPad (2 usbc and 2 regular usb connections)
-a spare focusrite 2i2
-a zoom h6 portable recorder/interface
-apc40 for midi control

I am looking for the most streamlined approach towards using this with my system for highest sound quality and ease of usability. If I can make it work I would love to buy your product and continue to purchase updates over the years.



  • Thanks @Moonie69420!

    Apologies, it might be my sleep-deprived brain (my now-five-year-old woke us all up early for his birthday 😄) but I don’t quite understand the question. Is there anything specific I can help with?

    Also have you checked out some of the tutorials and maybe the manual?

  • Hey no problem Michael!

    I have checked the resources and while they’ve given me an idea of what to do I am still not certain on how to make my setup work.

    Basically, I’m just trying to replace my rc300 hardware looper with your program if possible. That is currently attached to my mixing unit (mackie dl16) as an effects loop. It goes like this

    Instrument > mixer > send out > looper > channel in > main out > audio interface > studio monitors

    Hopefully that helps clear up my setup?

    I am just not sure how to make it work with your program. I’m thinking I could just completely replace the looper in that chain with an audio interface connected to the ipad

    Instrument > mixer > send out > INTERFACE CONNECTED TO IPAD > channel in > main out > audio interface > studio monitors

    Sorry if it is still confusing. That is why I am here 🙄😄

  • @Moonie69420
    I shall assist you, internet stranger.
    Your idea (Instrument > mixer > send out > INTERFACE CONNECTED TO IPAD > channel in > main out > audio interface > studio monitors) would work, but you can further streamline by combining mixer with audio interface. Get an interface with enough inputs for your needs, and then you can do all the mixing and effects etc in Loopy Pro itself, with discrete separate channels in Loopy's mixer per inputs.

    Instrument(s) > interface connected to ipad > mixing input channels in app > main out from interface > studio monitors :)

  • Hey thanks bud!

    Ya I figured that would probably be a better setup but I already have the mixer connected to everything and interfaces with only 2 in/out. Maybe I’ll be able upgrade one day and size down the rig :) for now I’m glad to know what I have should work. Thanks!

  • Happy looping ^^

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