Creating a song in Loopy Pro

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make a song structure in Loopy Pro. My example: 16 measures - 6 measure bridge - then 8 measures. An AABA structure but with 6 measures B, in stead of the "normal" 8 measures).
I tried chapter 3.2: free clip/colour setting. So I turned off "Auto Count Out". But what I try afterwards, I don't get it properly working, with seamless transation from A to B and then from B to A. Or the tempo's between the loops don't match, or the positions for connecting one loop to the other don't match. I suppose there is a way to get this running, but after three days trial and error I have given up. Who has an idea?
Thanks, Martin


  • Would you mind doing a little screen recording showing me what you’ve got set up so far? I don’t have a complete idea of what you’re trying to achieve just yet. What you describe should be fairly straightforward though so I’m sure we can figure something out

  • Thank you, I'll sent you a mail this weekend.

  • slysly
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    I do not know if it helps. This how I did on one exemple:
    The 6 bars instead of 8 was not a problem on other project ….
    The tip: Some loops need to be set with free phase to work correctly

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