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Feature Idea : Widget Action in the sequencer

Would be nice if one can add a "widget line" in the sequencer.
One could use it for Automation for instance or to trigger an effect or a scene in the sequencer.
Value of the action could be edited/recorded in the sequencer and would depend of the nature of the widget I guess.

I kind of achieve this for "boolean" actions by assigning Follow Actions to a One shots (with blank recording). With this, for instance I can trigger a specific scene or I can trigger an Hellium MIDI loop for instance.
Also I can do an Automation for volume for instance by recording volume variation of a pad or a sin wave into a one shot or a loop, then setting the automation with Amplitude Envelop, .... It is painful.

Maybe this will come naturally with MiDI sequencing ?

Then the missing feature would be the ability to remove/add any "line" inside the sequencer. For instance if you could sequence by "Scene" triggering, you may not need the individual loops in the sequencer.

Loopy Pro is very amazing.


  • Yep, that’s coming. And thank you!

  • @Michael said:
    Yep, that’s coming. And thank you!

    @Michael Great ! Very great.

    In this stupid video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGGqaYvAGso&t=1229s at 20:30 I am, for the fun of it, doing automation of the master volume with the envelope of a noise recording :smile: . I know this is stupid !

    If you are interested I have noticed also some feature during the making of the video :

    • The phase-lock / Free setting is not copied when you duplicate (copy/paste) a loop (15:25). And, shouldn't it be Free by default when starting recording from the sequencer ? In the exemple at (15:25) I am recording a 8 bars at bar number 4. It is then all screwed because phase was locked so the second half played first. From the sequencer point of view it does not make sense, maybe an option Locked/Free to add in the "Arm button"
    • Sizing an empty one shot in the sequencer is behaving weirdly 11:30
    • The wheel of the mouse does not scroll, not a big deal.
    • When recording one shot from sequencer but stop with the play button the one shot keep recording, you need to leave the sequencer and stop the record on the one-shot widget. Maybe an option to stop recording from the sequencer ? Maybe as it is done to clear ?
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