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Auto-detect of imported WAV incorrect; glitchy playback at start of loop

Hi all. See linked WAV. This was recorded at 80bpm, 4 bars plus tail, but LP thinks it's about 120, or 96 (can't remember). (There appears to be no simple way to have an imported audio file play at its native rate?? LP always trying to guess bpm - can this be turned off?) Setting it manually to 80 and then adjusting the loop length is cumbersome and it doesn't work well, e.g. the end can be dragged in (left) but not back out again. The method that seems to work for me is to Extend the loop and then pare it back after adjusting the bpm. (There must be an easier way to implement this?) But then, and more importantly, the start of the loop glitches on playback; sometimes not on the first loop around, but then it does on the second and subsequent. Also, choosing "Outro" doesn't behave as expected, i.e. in this case, I want 4 bars to play once and then the 5th bar have the tail play; but it just stops after 4 bars. Appears to be some issues here, assuming the implementation is not quite there yet! How to resolve? https://dropbox.com/s/n7tkmsz1r3cc8l0/2021_12_24%2014_30_25%20A%2080bpm.wav?dl=0


  • PS If I record that same WAW without the tail, so that it's exactly 4 bars, LP works with it perfectly. Perhaps it is the odd number of bars and/or the tail that confuses its algorithm?

  • Ouch! Lemme look into this and get back to you, @novelty

  • Thanks. Btw, please note that the audio was not recorded inside LP. That might be significant.

  • edited December 2021

    @Michael, an update on this. I get better results when swiping up on a donut to import a file that way, which then gives me the option of adjusting the tempo manually before importing (and whether or not to import the tail); as opposed to the previous method I was using - drag and drop from the Files app - which gives no manual option. Also, the glitchiness I reported at the start of the loop playback was probably because I inadvertently had "Play Outro in Loop" turned on, i.e. user error. Hope that helps.

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