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Selected AUV3?

Does loopy pro only allow a select set of AUV3 plugins? I have Tonebridge guitar effects which comes up as an auv3 in garage band and beatmaker 3, but not in loopy pro. Anyone know why?


  • I have Tonebridge installed on my ipad as well, and it is available as an effects insert in Loopy Pro’s expanded Mixer page. You might try restarting the iPad which may trigger a rescan.

  • Hi I get ToneStack pro. But do find others missing 🤔

  • Sometimes the iOS AUv3 directory gets a bit confused. A reboot usually fixes that

  • I use SampleTank a lot. It does not seem to appear in the list of available audio units. Is that because it uses a different audio format, other than AUv3?

    I really appreciate the ability to hook up multiple audio sources, including physical keyboard controllers, multichannel interfaces, usb MIDI hubs, and internal iPad apps, all at once. Loopy Pro is amazing! Thanks Michael for all of your good work!

  • SampleTank is not yet available as an AUv3.

  • Thank you

  • edited December 2021

    I’m also a SampleTank user. One way to be able to integrate with LP is to host SampleTank in a DAW that supports Ableton Link (AUM or AudioBus, for example), then capture the SampleTank content in AUM and paste it into LP standalone. Both DAWs run in sync to enable auditioning.

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