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Can it please be made an OUTPUT in Audiobus?

I’m struggling to get to grips with my setup in AUM without it being an Output in Audiobus? Would this be a big change to make? I’d love it if it could be! Would make my workflow so much easier as my whole way of working live was through AUM into Audiobus with old Loopy.


  • Use it in the FX slot in Audiobus, rather than the output

  • I’ve been trying that but for some reason the sound quality is reduced quite considerably as compared to old loopy output setup. I’m attaching a little audio clip here of me playing a live bass riff through iFretless bass, drum loop through Drum Session and piano through Ravenscroft all going through AUM. The first loop is going to new Loopy Pro, and the middle section is the same setup going into old loopy, then again at the end Loopy Pro. You can hear the difference… new Loopy Pro in FX slot sounds tinny and weak, whereas old loopy sounds great … any thoughts/solutions?

  • I’ve put this in a new discussion…

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