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Doesn’t show up in Audiobus as an output?

Is this a feature yet because I’m not seeing it appear in Audiobus?


  • It means I can’t use AUMwith it yet… which is ok, but I would like to be able to soon please 😀👍🏿

  • Loopy Pro is an AUv3 which doesn't have an 'output' mode per se; you'll find it in the effects list.

  • Ah ok. I’m a bit confused, I’m not so techs or knowledgable about all the different terms etc. but my setup with old loopy was to have a number of different software instruments and mics going through AUM with various effects on each, all linked to a midi hardware controller set up for AUM, and it was all outputting to loopy via Audiobus… all through AUM. Is this not possible with Loopy Pro because it can’t be an output destinati9n?

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