Which controller?

Hey guys I have used Loopy HD on and off for a while. I used my iPhone 6s plus but, I'd like to have real pads to controll it. What do you think is a good way to go? Should I get an iPad? which one?
I use Loppy to play along with. I make my loops and load parts like Verse, Bridge, solos etc. I eventually want to load Intros with a count in and Outro stop, perhaps breaks and so on. One thing I would love for Loppy to do is have like a "one loop only" to play so, whenever I trigger any track the previous one stops so I only have one loop going at all times. Maybe it is possible but I don't know. Any help?


  • Not sure what you mean by real pads (you mean a keyboard?)
    If you mean something like a foot pedal then I use a Morningstar MKII which is fantastic. But I don't really use it with Loopy. at least not yet.

    You might want to check out the Loopy Masterpiece edition thread because it sounds like that upcoming piece of software will do exactly what you want.

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