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A midi question regarding triggering simultaneous multiple events with external foot switch

I see something is bubbling up in the developer’s laboratory and maybe this something will make triggering multiple midi CC events simultaneously with a button push on an external controller. You know, on a 12 track grid you could then toggle/mute by column, by row, by 4 part squares... etc.
I’ve seen older posts (2013?) with definitive “Not possible” attached.
Maybe I’ve missed the post that explains how to do this or maybe it is still on the wish list.
Cheers all!


  • Yeah this is coming in Loopy Pro!

  • Loopy Pro sounds like a very big project from what I’ve seen in a few of the update videos you’ve put out. Doing the almost impossible... trying to take into account the non Loopy things in the world, both planned and unplanned that pop up, any idea when you might get a version of Loopy pro out?
    I’ e sent out my email address to get onto the beta version group.

    I’m doing this for personal enjoyment more than anything. I’m probably not alone in this but I really have to thank you for making an accessible and fairly easy to use app in Loopy. A great way to scratch the surface of the looping world.

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