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Per-track MIDI CC mute and volume

In the wiki "get started" page, in the midi bindings section, there are a several references to MIDI bindings that do something to the "currently selected track or a specific track."

I can't figure out the 'specific' track bit from this page or from Loopy's settings.

The problem I'm trying to solve is: How can I set up a hardware midi controller with a volume control and mute control for each track. E.g. Korg nanocontrol, or Behringer X-TOUCH mini.


  • This is an old post, but I've done this, so thought I'd offer an answer.

    1) Settings --> Control Inputs --> Controller [mine is the nanoKontrol2] --> Add Binding --> do the 'event' (press button)
    2) Go down to Action ..... Mute --> Track Actions --> Toggle Mute (or Mute, depending on your preference)
    3) <Back] (upper left) x3 to get back to the Binding Screen
    4) Go down to Track ...... Selected Track --> choose the track number
    5) Save Binding (at the bottom of the binding screen.)

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