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[NEW] Loopy update is here! Multichannel audio input support, new punch-in on touch gesture, more



  • Woo-hooo!! :-)
  • All hail the great Michael! :)
  • Yay! Can we get in on the early beta? ;)

    A few questions, too-- in the new version, can we get any track to start on the next beat one, rather than going around again to come in on measure four (if it's a four measure track) or measure sixteen (if it's a sixteen measure track), etc?

    Also, this may not be a feature question, but... I've noticed if I have headphones plugged in to the jack on the iPad, the metronome and other tracks play through while recording. If the headphones aren't plugged in, the metronome is silenced during recording. I want to use Loopy live coming out of speakers-- is there a way (feature?) to select the click track only come through headphones, while the track audio goes out to speakers? (I currently am running Loopy through the Apogee One, and out to an Sm58 mike, through the camera connector kit. The iPad headphone jack is unused-- would be nice to do something like route the click track to the iPad headphone jack, while the audio goes out through the USB/Apogee One/out to the speaker. )

    Thanks again for such an awesome tool! Obviously excited to use it. :)
  • You can indeed, but I really only want to give pre-releases out to folks who will be a valuable part of the testing team, and will test pre-releases rigorously and diligently, not just for this next version, but for a while to come; we're talking Professional Bug Hunters, here - if you think you can contribute, then I'm happy to consider spending one of my 100 ad-hoc slots on you; email me at michael at atastypixel dot com and tell me about yourself.

    Yes, you can set up a custom count-in quantize length, so even if you have a 16-bar (say) track, it'll count in for just the length you specify.

    See here for the answer: http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/comment/715#Comment_715
    As this seems to baffle a lot of people, I've decided to remove the switch entirely, and leave echo cancellation on all the time when headphones aren't plugged in; it's not ideal, but I think it's better than volume ducking, even if it means sound quality will be less.

    I'm not actually allowed (because of developer NDA) to tell you about routing the click track elsewhere, other than to say wait =)

  • Any updates as to when we'll get a Bluetooth foot controler support? I feel most people using forscore are like me and use a Bluetooth pedal instead of a midi one or they may already need to use their midi inputs for something else. I absolutely love this app and would be happy to make some YouTube videos showcasing how I use it but right now I have to keep using my super basic loop pedal live because I don't have foot control for Loopy. Unfortunately, for me, Loopy just continues to be a fun app and not actually something I can use for live performances at this time even with the new updates.
  • Thanks for your work , looking forward to enhanced audio engine , user defined count in and multi inputs. I was hoping multi channel audio meant outputs also, maybe this will come with audiobus and/or IOS6 ?
    Maybe I was also being too hopeful for this release of various other ideas you seemed to endorse over the last few months in the forum~ track groupings with definable controls and colours, and individual control bindings for each track were both .
    Hope these find their way into the next update, but look forward to getting this one in the meantime.
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    Will it be updated for the iPad 3 retina display?
  • @pkopco - naturally! =)
    @Wally - Yep, there'll be more advanced output support coming with future stuff (incidentally, I've already got this working in my Audiobus test bed, where you can push single tracks out to other devices/apps, all perfectly in sync)
    I do have a lengthy todo list with many of these items on it - I simply haven't gotten to them all yet.
  • Michael-- thanks! I'll email you about the beta.

    Curious about the click track routing... ;)

    Additionally--is the noise cancellation necessary if I'm using an external microphone and speakers? I'm currently using an SM58 and running out to boombox speakers, basically-- seems a shame to degrade the audio signal if the cancellation is only necessary for the iPad mike. :)
  • Hmm - No, not at all! Is it still on after you plug stuff in? If so, that's a bug (and please let me know so I can figure it out).

    What *should* be happening is that Loopy will switch to the non-echo cancelling system as soon as you plug anything in. It should only ever use echo cancellation if you're using the inbuilt speakers & microphone.
  • Hi Mike

    Beautiful job with Loopy I must say :)
    And hence I am an inpatient beast... when is the update coming? Is it already with Apple?

    Many thanks
  • The Loopy update has just hit Release Candidate, which means it gets uploaded to Apple tomorrow if the testing team are quiescent! Huzzah!
  • This is splendid news!
  • So was the testing team appropriately quiescent? :-) Excited about the update and future of Loopy.
  • When when when is it coming :)
  • the daily question: when?
  • Very soon! The testing team were quiescent except for one individual who's having trouble with the Alesis mixer (damn thing!) - I'll fix that up today.
  • Hallelujah :D !!!!!!!
  • Will you be listing the devices used for beta testing of this version, so we can get an idea as to reliable hardware combinations?
  • Now it's in the hands of Apple... Can't wait!
  • When is the fx coming
  • Man what is apple doing with ure app? I m sure its not programmed to spy the adress book
  • Tell me about it! I'm sitting here watching my inbox for the notifications =) C'mon, c'mon.
  • I've been checking for the update every day, very excited about this one since I use Loopy for EVERYTHING I make right now...
  • DiTo, checking every day, ....
    APPLE hurry up! ;-)
    hope they make no problems cause of the audiobus-tech...thumbs press.....
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