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Easiest way to route a click or a percussion track so it only goes to my headphone monitor

I've been searching this forum for a solution -- let me know if this has been answered elsewhere.

I want to start a click or a drum loop that does not go to the main output. I want that track to only go to my headphones. Ideally I want this track to be synced with the tempo set in Loopy.

Currently I use the IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo with an iPad. I think maybe I need a mixer or a different audio interface to do what I want. If so, I'd like to use a battery-powered mixer for busking.

Can anyone recommend a simple setup to achieve this?


  • Hey @bwood - the Duo's just stereo output right? You might need a different interface if you still want stereo to go to the main out - otherwise you could use one channel for main out, and the other channel for headphone monitor. Right now you'll need to use Audiobus to route Loopy's output accordingly; Loopy itself doesn't yet do separate outputs for different things, except via Audiobus where you can put individual tracks and the metronome out to different output channels.

  • @bwood

    If you have an iPad with a headphones jack output, you can use Audiobus to route a click track to it.

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