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Loopy Pro: Midi out

Hi @Michael ,

I'm sure you're already under a zillion of request but I'll put it here anyway...

I'm trying to setup a complete show with lights and visuals along some live music built with loopy.
The only way I can imagine it possible is to have the state of the loop via midi from Loopy.
(to communicate with an external VJ software)

Today, the only informations missing are :

  • when two tracks are merged
  • when a track is deleted /emptied

Do you think it would be easily implemented in Loopy pro?

suggestion :
a status message when two tracks are merged could be CC#2 value = 3 , meaning for instance track 2 is now merged with track 3 ...
What do you think?


  • Hmm can you tell me more about what it is you’re trying to achieve? I feel like there has to be more elegant solution than that..

  • Without revealing too much, I wish to integrate lights&visuals in my performance.
    I imagine projecting some live videos on a screen behind me, from a computer with a VJ software like Resolume, or a custom solution.

    The thing is it has to evolve according to what I do musically with loopy.
    For instance :

    • when I record the track number 1, a 3D shape would appear at the upper left corner
    • when I mute track 1, the color of the shape would change
    • when I record track 2, a second shape would appear alongside
    • when I merge track 1 -> 2 , the first shape would merge with the second one into a more complex geometrical shape

    and so on...

    I think the best way to do so is to have a specific software for the visuals, and comunicating with it by MIDI.
    Hence, knowing the states of the tracks by midi.

    Do you have another suggestion?

  • Hi Michael,
    Following your answer on the AB forum, obviously i'm a bit frustrated given that i don't see any workaround to know that two tracks have been merged, from midi. Butii guess you must be overwhelmed with requests.
    However, if you decide to give it a try, here is a suggestion :
    When track 1 is merged to track X, loopy pro could output the midi cc 1(or configurable) with value X.
    (we had a similar discussion on this forum about a special midi binding, to merge two consecutive tracks)

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