MIDI action to merge tracks?

Hi, is there really no MIDI action that one can use to merge tracks or am I just not looking in the right place? Merging is [just] one of the things that sets loopy apart but I need to be able to do it via MIDI for using loopy live with a MIDI footswtich. It seems every other action imaginable is in the MIDI actions list but I can't find 'merge track'


  • Hey - yeah, no such action right now, but I'll make a note to myself to add it =)

  • Thanks so much Michael. I'm using Loopy in a professional capacity so I would be happy to contribute to the development costs for you to add this If you would like to discuss you can message me via my website. You can see my loopy performances at https://www.loopholesavage.com

    I've based my whole performance mode to date on loopy and want to stick with it since there's nothing that really compares. At the moment I use an iphone attached to my mic via a bracket. I'm wanting to move to a foot pedal on stage. I've purchased a Nektar Pacer but without the ability to merge I'm stuck because my live looping uses many many layers.

    Cheers, Paul (Loophole) Savage
    Based in Victoria Australia

  • Not a bad gig you have going here Paul! I like it. What mic are you using on stage?

    I would love it if you funded Michael’s development of features, but at the same time you may find alternative methods of doing what you need to do once you start controlling things with a foot pedal.

    One option/ feature actually uses an iOS accessibility tool to simulate a string of touch commands, and it can be set up to be triggered by a MIDI command. Come on over to the Audiobus forum to see more about “switch control” with MIDI https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/31245/how-to-remotely-control-any-ios-app/

  • @Michael said:
    Hey - yeah, no such action right now, but I'll make a note to myself to add it =)

    Hi Michael, I've analysed a bunch of my songs to check if I could get away without merging tracks. The short answer is I can, but only if there is an 'UNDO' last overdub which I also believe is not yet a feature.

    So, either of these would be fine. Cheers.

  • @Hmtx said:
    One option/ feature actually uses an iOS accessibility tool to simulate a string of touch commands, and it can be set up to be triggered by a MIDI command. Come on over to the Audiobus forum to see more about “switch control” with MIDI https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/31245/how-to-remotely-control-any-ios-app/

    Hi Hmtx, I will definitely come over there and checkout the ideas there. See above that I could also work things if there was an 'UNDO last overdub'. Even if there are 'tricks' with iOS accessibility etc to help out other things, it does seem odd that there is no 'UNDO last overdub' on Loopy when it seems to be a very standard feature on most other loopers. Anyhow, I know Michael is swamped with requests for features etc so I'll leave it here for M to follow up when he can. In the meantime, I'll see you on https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/31245/how-to-remotely-control-any-ios-app/ :smile:

  • @blowhole2, can you tell me in more detail about how you imagine the merge action working? I've just built it, but it occurs to me there are a few ways it could work and I might as well aim for what you've got in mind.

    I've made two actions: "Merge with next track" and "Merge with previous track". When you trigger them, the audio of the selected track gets merged with the next or previous one, leaving the selected track empty afterwards. Is this what you had in mind? Alternatively, the merge could go in the other direction, moving the audio from a track to either side into the current track. I figure the former is more likely to be useful, but I wanted to check.

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    Hi @Michael, that was quick!. My use scenario is (currently) as follows:
    I record a series of layers - one on each channel. There may be five in total. Sometimes I do this in a 'rapidfire' way by arming all 'n' tracks for record, one after the other, then playing each layer in succession without breaks. I then merge all 5 tracks into the first one and clear all the other 4. The merged track forms one 'part' of my song. I then start building other parts to the song using the same method. I might end up with 4 'parts', each having been created by several layers merged into one. And, this all happens live on stage so keeping all this merging and clearing 'snappy' is imortant. (that's one reason I'm moving to a midi-driven sequence to assist me)

    I see that your 'merge current track to left' (or right) would allow me to do this by successively triggering the 'merge left' then selectin the previous track then 'merge left' again and so on. So, yeah, in principle I think your solution is neat and tidy. as long as the automatic clearing of the track does not clear the track's parameters also ie, its volume, pan settings don't get cleared. There is currently a difference in the way loopy does clearing, depending on the method used: #1. with the swipe-down gesture then selecting 'clear' from the track menu, the track contents get cleared and the parameters, like volume' are preserved. #2. However the 'clear after merge' clears not only the contents but the track's parameters as well! I have to have the parameters kept and just the 'contents' cleared (ie #1)

    Why?? - When I prepare for a live song, I load in a pre-saved session. This sets the tempo for me but also has all the tracks volume levels set to -0.5dB. (With loopy's 'monitoring' turned ON, this allows for the live playing to sit slightly above the recorded loops better - I've tried many other methods but this works the simplest and best(more in Footnote1)). All good so far. But, because of the differences in the way loopy clears tracks, I have to use it with 'clear after merge' turned OFF and do the track merges (up to 5) then manually clear each track (up to 5). :( Busy fingers up on stage :smile:

    So, if your 'merge left' midi function clears the current track, that's OK, as long as it only clears the track's contents and not the track's parameters as well :smile:

    Another way to approach my -0.5dB / clear problem would be to remove the need for the -0.5dB setting in the first place by adding a global loop record attenuation value. Importantly, this shouldn't change or attenuate the value of the live signal that is fed through when monitoring is on. It only attenuates what is recorded onto any track. If you had this, I wouldn't need to have nor preserve the -0.5dB presets that I use :smile:

    Incidentally, The Boss 505 uses a slightly different method to address this, My understanding is that it progressively applies more and more attenuation to the summed output of the loops as each loop is added. It, however, doesn't change the level of the monitored input signal. It's a little like compression but is not dynamic. It compensates for the fact that as you add more and more layers, things get louder and louder. I think it's some sort of square-root function. Anyhow, not important - just FYI.

    Thanks heaps for looking into this!

    Footnote1: The obvious question might be 'why don't you just turn your mic gain up when you play the live bits?', the answer is because I may also be recording some of the 'live bits' onto a track at the same time. If I turn up the mic gain, that track gets recorded more loudly than the rest which compounds the problem. :smile:

  • @Michael, Thanks for implementing the feature!! I've tested it out and it works nicely. Haven't tried it on-stage yet.

    Your decision to make the clearing of the track dependent on the 'clear track after merge' is a good one since it allows for both cases.

    **Would you please consider adding a switch or checkbox or something that goes with the "clear after merge" switch which allows you to select either of two modes: "clear track contents only" or "clear track contents and settings" (I'll put this in the features request thread too)

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi,
    First time here. And English is not my first language, but, I will try.
    I want to merge 3 tracks in the same track, pressing 1 button.
    Ex: track 4, 7,10 merge to track 1 with a click on my keyboard pad.
    This could be great. I use tracks 1, 2 and 3 as the main tracks, and the other tracks as loop tracks and for “undo” if I need.
    So I need to merge different loops to 1 track. As the RC 300, 50, etc... and have only 3 main tracks for my songs. I use a foot controller. So it will be easier to merge and select only 1 track, instead of a column.

    Sorry for my English.

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