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Suddenly can't hear 1 track but not muted

Hi guys! Had 3 loops laid down (3 tracks)
Was working on the 4th but couldn't get the loop quite right so I kept clearing it and re-recording etc..
Somehow I must have done something bad because now I cannot hear any of the audio I record on that track. Also I cannot mute the track with my pedal but it still responds to 'solo' command (though nothing plays). I can see the audio on the track but just can't hear it. The volume is up and the track is not muted. If I copy the audio to another track it plays fine so I think it's something with that track only but I swear I've checked everything. Any ideas?


  • Is the volume for that track up?

  • @Michael said:
    Is the volume for that track up?

    Yes. It was a glitch of some sort between Ampkit, Audiobus, and Loopy. Bouncing back and forth in the apps fixed it.

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