Need More Time (to Pick up the Concertina) before Recording Starts

I am a total newbie to looping and to samplers, etc. I am not even sure of the different uses of Loopy vs Samplebot. Is there a discussion of this already? Where?

I am trying to record a track in Loopy using my English Concertina. Problem is it takes many seconds to pick up and get into the instrument--thumbs and pinkies hold it up. If I tap on a track and Loopy wants to record instantly or maybe you get a BIT of time. Any way to get, say, a two measure grace period before recording starts? Or maybe this isn't how you use Loopy at all?


  • Welcome, @GFHandle! You've got the right idea, it just needs to be set up: if you open Settings within Loopy, then go into Track Management, you'll see a setting called "Count-in quantize". You can set that to as long as you want, and Loopy will wait at least that long to begin recording - it may be longer than that, so that it will line up the start of the recording with the next bar.

    Loopy is a live-looper (which lets you record and layer loops of sound). Samplebot is a sampler + sequencer, which lets you record one-shot samples on each pad, and play them back on tap, or make and play back a sequence of those pads.

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