why can't i save more than one session?

In the "Sessions" section there is the "Save as New" button which seems to imply that you can save more than one Session.

However every time I create a loop, the save as new button becomes unclickable and the only way to save it is to override whatever previous session I had saved. This can't be how this is supposed to work.........

please help!!!


  • Hey @nightcreme. "Save As New" will make a copy of the currently-loaded session - it's greyed out when there's no session loaded. "Save Current Session" will save the current session, whether it's a new session or a previously-saved one. You can create a new session by tapping the blank page icon on the main screen - once you've worked on it and you're ready to save, tap "Save Current Session" to save it. Let me know if you could use further clarification.

  • Ooooohhh wow ok thanks!

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