Global Pan setting

Hi fellow Loopers!
I’ve been using Loopy successfully on my gigs recently and I was wondering if there is a way to set the output panning that the loop panning could be set once and retained even once all loops are cleared?
I have found this very useful with my Electrix Repeater setup as I am constructing loops in a live,3D tapestry!


  • Hey Al,

    The loop pan will persist even after you clear an individual loop, so that should all work fine. The only thing is it'll reset when you clear the session. One option is you could set all your pans, and then save that (otherwise blank) session. Then, load that session up each time you wanna start over.

  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your thoughtful response. I did not mention that I am also looking for a way to clear the tempo but retain the pan settings. Unless I am missing something once a loop is recorded or a session is saved the tempo is stored too.

    I would record a few hard panned loops where the tempo was derived by my first loop on the fly. If I wanted to go to another Loopy place I would then clear the loop audio and the tempo that was set previously to start fresh without having to reset the hard panning scheme that I find very useful sonically speaking!
    So I think I could do this if Loopy had a global per loop pan setting?
    Lmk and thanks for a terrific groovy looping tool Michael!

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