Recording guitar and USB mic at the same time

Is it possible to record guitar (through iRig guitar interface) and USB mic to different tracks in Loopy? Any apps that would help me solve this problem?


  • @asia - short answer is that you can not record to 2 tracks in loopy at the same time. I assume that is what you are trying to do. Loopy only records to 1 track at a time. I am guessing you are trying to do live looping? In which case you have to record each part sequentially ( 1 after the other) to separate tracks ( most versatile) or both on the same track (reduced looping possibilities).

    To record to separate track sequentially, you have to change the input source. Possible from with in Loopy setup. For live looping this will be easier using another app like AudioBus, AUM, etc that lets you setup the inputs to go to loopy as the output and then switch or mute without going into a setup/confit menu. There are a lot of possibilities here as to how and what you hear and record.

    To record both to the same track, again you need an app to merge the 2 input sources and output to Loopy's input. Again, AudioBus, AUM, etc.

    If I've totally missed the mark here, let me know.

  • @asia - it just dawned on me, that maybe you are not trying for live looping, so in that case, a multi-track recording app would be what you want, allowing you to record both inputs simultaneously to individual tracks.

    Examples are: Auria, Cubasis, (- I have these 2) others might be Meteor, Multitrack DAW and I'm sure there are many others, even some free or lite versions you could try.

  • @Ganthofer thanks for the answer. Do you think that a multitrack recording app would allow me to record that way jest with guitar plugged into audio jack through iRig and mic connected to iPad through USB hub, with no audio interface? I’m asking, because this kind of apps sound like solution of my problem, but they are also pretty expensive, so I must know if they would really work. Thanks again for your advice! :smile:
    Oh, and I just must record a few songs that consist of loops that I’m recording while I’m not singing, but there are also parts when I’m playing guitar and singing at the same time and there is why I want multitrack recording - to separate vocals and guitar. Sorry if my writing is messy or something, but I’m not really good ta English :smile:

  • @asia - I don't know of an easy way to use any of the multitrack recording apps for live looping. They will record 2 or more audio inputs at the same time but, at least the ones I have used, are not practical for looping. They are designed more for home recordings (e.g. demos, complete songs, etc.)

    Not sure the headphone jack and a USB mic will be selectable, but it sounds like you have recorded them both to one loopy track, so it may work. Typically an external multi channel audio interface is used for multiple inputs ( USB and/or analog )

    My question to you is, are you trying to Live Loop (busk, live performance) or make a home studio recording?

  • @Ganthofer I'm going to make a home recording, so I don't really need live looping function :)

  • @asia - I have Auria and Cubasis, so I will test (this weekend I hope) if a audio interface (via CCK to USB) and the headphone mic will record simultaneously. This is the only possible issue I see. I know that multiple inputs via a multichannel audio interface can be recorded simultaneously, but the connection of an audio interface may disable the headphone mic input. I haven't tried the combination before, but I do know that only one audio interface (USB) will be recognized and usable.

  • @Ganthofer - okay, thank you so much for help!

  • @asia - no go on the recording via headphone mic input (audio jack) and USB (core 1>CCK) to separate tracks at the same time with a multitrack recorder app. I don’t have a USB mic, but used my sigle channel usb audio interface. As far as I know, a USB mic will be handle the same way.

    You might check the AudioBus forum for advice. There are a number of input routing apps and a large variety of users there.

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