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PC Keyboard FootController

Hey yo!
I wanted to share my (poor-mans) solution for a foot-controller. I made a short video demo.
I can fit about 10 controls on a desk-size office keyboard.
I glued some rubber-bumpers (from the hardware store) to elevate the keys i want to control with my foot.
Also, the keyboard still works for typing into the iPad if need be. But when in Loopy the bindings take over.
Granted, it's not the most 'rugged' piece of hardware, but it's easy/cheap to replace if it gets broken.


  • @Eggy - well done. I've seen a number of people do similar things to a computer keyboard. Biggest drawback IMHO is that whatever the Keyboard is controlling, has to be in the foreground. If that's not an issue, then it's a very inexpensive and easy DIY foot controller.

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