Default 'ready' (un-paused) option

Hey yo!
Is it normal that i should have to 'start' the session before being able to record a loop.
I get caught everytime after opening Loopy, whereby i'll press to record (in my case a footpedal) only to find
it won't start recording until after it cycles around once (the circle around the > indicator). I have all the 'count-in' stuff set to 'off'.
After that first cycle, then i can freely record away. I've looked for an option to disable that but can't find one.
Is it built into the app that once Loopy is started one has to press play (i.e. '>') to initialize it before being able to record?


  • Oh, also, I use audiobus - i think that might have something to do with it not starting recording straight-away.

  • Ok, sorry to sully-up the boards. It's an 'Ableton-link' thing, which makes sense in order to keep everything, well, in-sync. Just have to make sure to initiate (i.e. press play) on Loopy before starting my loop recording.
    ( I would've deleted this post if there was an option to do so).

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