Focusrite itrack dock vs MIDI USB Host

Hi all,
I already posted this on Audiobus forum, I'm looking for some one that experienced a configuration with iTrack Dock and more that one midi device.

So I'm searching for some answers about the possibilities to connect my iTrack Dock to more than one midi device.

After some exchanged email with the Focusrite support they told me that the interface accept only midi device in input so is impossible connect a simple USB Hub in order to connect two keyboards (for instance).
But If I connect a Midi hub or Midi host device this should work.

After some searches I think that if I use a Kenton MIDI USB Host between the iTrack Dock and the UBS Hub is possible do this.


Midi device1 \
---- powered Usb hub ----- Usb cable ---- Kenton MIDI USB ---- Midi to Usb cable ----- iTrack
Midi device2 /

Does anyone have experienced a connection like this or something of similar?
Because the Kenton at the and is an expensive equipment and before buying I need to know if this configuration can really work or not.

I also saw people that use iConnecMidi, the first version that iConnectivity does not sell anymore.

So any help or suggestion is well appreciated.

thanks a lot


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