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Hi all,
Looking for some guidance please?
Recently I bought a HiFing Bluetooth Midi adapter in the anticipation of hooking an FCB1010 directly to my iPhone- no cables (other than power)
The HiFing powers itself from the midi port. It supports BT4.0. When I enable BT on the phone and use GarageBand I can find the adapter. In Loopy HD I can see the adapter too but so far I’m unable to add any bindings. Grrrrrr

Any one trying this type of method out and having success? Grateful for pointers please


  • Just to add some more findings to my OP. I used GB to identify and connect the HiFing adapter. I have now loaded Midimittr and this does a similar job in that I can connect and disconnect the adapter. However, when successfully connected between iphone 6 s plus and the Hifing midi adapter and using the latest Loopy HD app, I'm still unable to create any bindings. I've reset the FCB1010 [pedals 1&6 then power on] but nada, zilch nothing. If I can get this to work successfully then I plan to mod the FCB to wire the Hifing internally and stick the adapter on the outside to see the blue light. I've previously had bindings into Loopy HD from the FCB1010 using cabled midi so I'm sure all is good there. Just so goddam frustrating particularly when packet sniffers and the like all seem difficult to get going.

    Any help or pointers gratefully received. Thanks

  • Just to add even some more findings to the OP. I have now loaded Midi Wrench onto the iphone. Connecting the Hifing adapter still doesn't let me create bindings in Loopy HD. Pressing my FCB1010 pedals doesn't give Midi Wrench any output. Midi Wrench messages all seem to be related to Ch 0. So just another 15 to check upon? I'm leaning towards the FCB1010 outputting a default midi channel that isnt being seen by Loopy HD yet - perhaps Ch 1 or 10 as defaults? I'm a little surprised Loopy HD isn't scanning for omni though nothing in the help notes suggest much either way. Onto an FCB1010 editor next to find out which is the default midi channel. I'll continue my solo quest to try to solve this issue and report again. Should anyone have a grain of an inkling that can assist I would be most grateful. Cheers

  • @Yorky - i’ve Used an mi.1 and a Puc+ to connect my FCB1010 to my iPad. That was a couple of iOS versions ago. At that time I either had to have the ZivX app or the mi.1 app ( can’t remember the names) to be able to get the Midi messages. I think iOS currently is supposed to have BT support built in, but I have not tried it recently. Will let you know if I get a chance to try BT without one of the old helper apps.

    As far as Loopy and the Channel, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Thanks for the feedback Ganthofer. I keep having a go with different ideas but still frustrated and not functioning yet. One day though this thing will work! Cheers

  • owiowi
    edited November 2017äte/dp/B07285255H
    please read the guest reviews and the related questions and answers. that might be helpful hints.
    because it is in german i´ll try to give a short description:
    someone told that he changed the connectors: midi in to midi in, midi out to midi out or conversely...please try what works for you.
    another customer guessed that the voltage is too low to make the adapter work.
    someone else reported that the hifing did not work but the yamaha bt01 did.

  • Hi Owi,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I was able to translate the comments you highlighted.
    In my early attempts with this device I stumbled upon/remembered to insert midi in to out - that’s how I saw the device wake up from picking up power on the m out. However, I did consider last night the “not enough power” scenario as a possible problem area. I hooked up a 5v supply. Same situation exists. The device pairs and connects to my iOS target no problem. I’m still unable to make bindings in Loopy and also still not seeing any midi messages in midi wrench being generated by the FCB.

    The quest continues. It might be that I have to call it a day with the HiFing but I’m loathe to dis the product just yet and move onto the Yamaha or Zivix (ouch on price btw). Thanks for your help. Cheers

  • Another update following some recent testing - still not working as I would like but I now think that the HiFing is doing its job to some degree.
    I hooked up a BCR2000 instead of the FCB1010. Part of all this problem will come down to my ignorance as I've little idea on how to use the BCR2000 however, its a source of midi so lets try it,
    As always the HiFing is identified by the target iOS device and connects successfully using midimittr. Merrilly flapping away on the various buttons and dials on the BCR does jack all to Loopy or Midi Wrench. Ah but wait, what's this I see? Midi Wrench has a virtual on screen keyboard and when I ride my finger up and down the keys the incoming midi IN light on the BCR responds! So midi messages over bluetooth DO appear to make there way over - at least in one direction. OK, its still not going into Loopy it would seem but at least it gives me some hope that the HiFing may still have a use once I can figure this out.
    As always, should anyone have some wisdom to pass on I would be most grateful. The quest continues....

  • I've decided to cut my losses with this little device and scrap it. I've been using a Bluetooth scanner - NRF Connect but nada zip nothing still comes out of this device so, into Room 101 it goes.

    I may try the Yamaha product in the new year or may have a tinker with a Pi Zero. For now though, thanks to all for dipping in and to those guiders. Seasons greetings to all.

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