Sync to beats

@napoo recently asked about syncing Loopy to beats instead of bars as a feature request for Loopy 3 (Loopy Pro, formerly know as Loopy Masterpiece; also known as the next big revision/ upgrade still under development). I think this could be a really useful feature.

i also wanted to point out that Loopy has a way to do this already. Loopy can be set so it syncs to the first recorded loop. I think this is the default, not sure. Anyway if your first loop is 1 beat and synchronize is turned on then other loops can be any multiple or division of 1 beat. This lets you make odd-length loops that repeat in unusual ways, but stay perfectly in sync.

This is pretty advanced because your timing has to be just right on starting/ ending loops. If you are one beat off then your 4 bar loop would end up being 15 beats and would slowly get out of time. But sometimes that is the whole point, so it can make for some happy accidents and nice evolving performances :)


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    It may be a tad obtuse, but how about using the track length buttons for this? You can get to beat divisions by pressing 1, then ÷ twice (1/2 a bar, then 1/4 a bar, which is 1 beat). Then add beats by pressing "+" repeatedly. So, you can set a 7-beat loop (7/4 bars) via the sequence 1 ÷ ÷ + + + + + +

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