Jarring loop beginning/ending solution.


Awesome app. I just bought it and have been playing with it along with Audiobus and Harmony Voice.

I've run into a challenge when I have a vocal piece that starts strongly and fades softly. If I don't use overdub, the ending gets shopped off sounding clipped. If I do use overdubbing, the beginning sounds abrupt when it first starts. Fading in/out doesn't achieve the desired effect and sounds a little too ambient.

Here's a picture to illustrate what I mean.

The solution, it seems, would be to record the whole loop beyond its intended length, and have three modes of playing:
1. Start: Play only the beginning
2. Ongoing loop: Mix beginning and tail.
3. End: Play the tail beyond the stopping point.

If there is a solution for this already, I would love to hear about it. Otherwise, it would be an awesome and useful feature to make the loops sound really pro.


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  • Good ideas. And GREAT illustration :D

    It seems like this has been mentioned for LoopyHD 3, have you watched the dev videos? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuWZIeTe6vr4Nx6A0MDnij5QCynFZEiDb

  • Thanks :smile: Do you mean Loopy Masterpiece? I scanned through the videos a bit and found them quite exciting. I hope it comes out soon.

  • Yep, Loopy Masterpiece Edition was the original name but last I heard, it will be released as Loopy version 3.0. Still in development stages, and no new videos since March 2016... I'm hoping we'll see something early next year, just a guess.

  • You just need to play through the end of the loop, that's all.

  • ^ True, usually.

    But there are times where effects would sound much better with tails added on the way described here.

  • I figured out how to do it. It's a little roundabout and uses two loops, but it generally works.

    Just to summarize, the idea is to have the ability to start a recording without the tail, but have the tail come in second time around and at the end. Especially useful for vocal parts with heavy reverb, so the loop doesn't start/end with a jarring clipped sound.

    Here's a picture of my track settings and how to do it:

    I can elaborate if the picture is a bit confusing.


  • This is a great (and very well described!) idea! Great work @Andrey, I'm definitely going to do this. As @Hmtx observed, I'm already planning on intro/outro stuff for loops, and I think this could roll quite nicely into that.

    Still working my butt off on Loopy 3, coming along well, but still a bit more work to do. I'm hesitant to blurt out any public launch date expectations though 'cos one very significant wildcard is about to arrive – the birth of our baby boy! – so we'll see what he allows ;-)

  • Congrats, @Michael! While I am anxiously awaiting the birth of Loopy 3, I can certainly understand that there are few things more amazing in one's life than welcoming a new family member. Enjoy!

  • Wow @Michael Congratulations! Amazing news.

    This also means that even if coding is your job, if you're working from home your output will drop significantly.

    If you say Christmas 2017, you shouldn't be rising too many hopes ;). Good luck with the arrival!

  • Cheers @Supadom =) Haha, damn straight! "Sorry, Loopy 3's off, too busy playing with tiny cute dictator"

  • @Michael said:
    Cheers @Supadom =) Haha, damn straight! "Sorry, Loopy 3's off, too busy playing with tiny cute dictator"

    Never underestimate the power of tiny cute dictators and their mothers. I should know, I have 2 (tiny dictators). And don't listen to people when they tell you things get easier with 2. They don't, you just get used to it.

    It's not the end of the world, but almost ;)

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