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help finding a midi app to send to loopy

I have a midi piano keyboard that works fine playing over midi to garage band. I picked up loopyhd and audiobus hoping I could start looping things, but it looks like garage band can only be an output. I don't want to record over the mic.

I've looked a lot through this site, but it seems the midi stuff for loopy is only used for controlling the app. I suppose I need to find some app that can take midi and turn it into sound, and then send that to loopy, but I have no idea how to find that, given how awful app store search is. So this really isn't a question for loopy forums, but I don't know where else to ask.


  • @willl - yes, GarageBands implementation of AB was quite disappointing to many. I would suggest posting on the AudioBus Forum:


    I would recommend that you include what type of midi playable app you are interested in ( e.g. Piano, synth, bagpipes, kazoo,... type of sounds/instruments )

    I'm not a keyboard guy, but one of my favorites is ThumbJam, playable via midi but also a very versatile touch screen interface for playing.

  • @willl I would start by looking at the Audiobus app list and just search for "piano". Pretty much everything but GarageBand can be an input and send its signal to Loopy :-)


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