Crashes when Record button pressed

Every time I press record, the Loopy app crashes and I am returned to ipad 2's homescreen. I have had the app since it came out, same device, never had this problem. It also just started being unable to play Recordings, pop up comes up says "can't play audio file." I believe app and ipad are up to date, problem started mid session after having just made a recording moments before. As usual, also after having worked on a project for hours. Siiiiiiigh.


  • Oh wow. Bizarre. I unplugged headphones from the jack, hit record, no problem. Plugged in headphones, app crashed. Evidently I can playback with headphones now, but as soon as Record button is hit, crash. If headphones are out, Record can be used/cued, as soon as headphones plugged in, crash. This was never a problem with same headphones many recording before. What-the-bug!?! lol

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    Ouch. Hmm... stab in the dark: is your device full? Have you checked storage usage?

    Any idea what's changed between now and when it was last working? Have you updated to iOS 10?

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