loopy UX is not nice for doodling

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I have some time spent with loopy after i sold my metal digitech looper however although Loopy has tons of features compared to that is still does not satisfy my needs.

It requires too much fiddling and attention to be useful for doodling (just quickly trying out stuff).

I am also a software developer so before i start doing my own looper i thought i would suggest it here so i don't waste some time.

Here's my needs. Its a bit of a raw list so its not a refined UX

  1. arm for recording. I should arm a track and the recording should start when i start playing. (well i guess
  2. forget setting a fixed bar length for a track before recording. Just let me play and figure out bars afterwards
  3. two types of tracks (the looped ones and unlooped - solo line)
  4. I am on the tablet and the minimalistic UI although beautiful, is not practical. buttons are hidden here and there and i have 3 circles on the screen and lot of empty gray space.

Ideally i should only need a few actions with one touch :
1. record
2. erase

I should not need to touch other buttons so i can just focus on the instrument and coming up with new stuff.

Let me know if you find any of these useful.



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    First of all, I think Loopy Masterpiece (which is under development) will cover all of these.

    Second, some of these features are already possible in Loopy HD. If you wanted to take the time to set up MIDI commands, you could easily use MIDI hardware or an iPad app that has the exact commands set up to do just what you want. Its just a matter of reading thru the possible MIDI bindings in Loopy HD to find what you want.

    specifically to your questions:
    1. not yet possible inside Loopy HD - I think you are suggesting an audio threshold based recording start?
    2. check your Settings> Track Management> count out recording > set it to "disabled" or "disabled instant end"
    3. This isn't possible right now. MIDI commands might be able to be set up elaborately to make it work...
    4. My old MIDI controller (not really using this right now) is an example of how to use a third-party app to create your own MIDI based user interface. This is created in MIDI Designer Pro and there are Lemur templates out there too.

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