mi.1 vs puc+ with fcb1010

I'm about to pull the trigger on the fcb1010 and am trying to settle on the right midi interface. I need wireless as I already have an audio interface and don't want to rebut that. I'm pretty convinced that the Puc+ would suit my purpose but am really loving the idea of the less expensive, smaller, battery-free mi.1. I'm aware that the mi.1 requires power through midi and know the fcb1010 can supply this. My question is, does anyone have any first hand experience with the mi.1 in terms of latency? It will be within 10' of the iPad. I'm not a total obsessive but I would need to be able to come in/out on the beat without any obvious lag. Thanks in advance for any info.


  • @Sworcha - I have both, but have never gotten the mi.1 to work with the FCB1010. From what I found online it was implied that it won't work with the FCB1010. If you can point me to information to the contrary, I will attempt to try it again. Or I may just give it another try any way.

    The Puc+ works great. However, I can not really comment on the Puc+ latency/lag, as most of my uses are not extremely time sensitive. I generally use count-in/out, so as long as I'm early, the window is quite large. Ending the initial track is about the only time critical use I have and it just took "time" to get used to it.

  • Thank you both. That other thread is compelling but my needs do include the 2 expression pedals so alternate boards (for that kind of cash) aren't really an option. Ganthofer, thanks for the real world info. I was basing my knowledge on 2nd hand info and now I'm skeptical. My interface is a line6 sonic port (1st gen). Am I thinking about this wrong? Would I be better off with a CCK, a powered hub and a usb/midi interface? Now that I think about it, I might also be able to keep the iPad charged in that case right?

  • Here we go Ganthofer, knew I saw it somewhere:

  • @Sworcha - I'll check the video out a little later, but you can't charge an iDevice while using a CCK. Unless it's the new one (USB3) designed for the iPad Pro, at least that's what I've read. Here is the thread on the AudioBus Forum:
    I haven't read all the way through, but this might be part of a solution.

  • I went for the mi.1 having seen the video. They are on rev. 3 so I'm hoping it's pretty fine tuned by now. At some point I'll upgrade my interface so I guess I'll worry about power supply issues then. For now, between 3 iPads and an iPhone I can survive on battery power. I'll post my results when all the gear gets here. Thanks folks.

  • @Sworcha - so, good news.

    After 2 firmware updates (1.? >2.0.0 & >2.2.1)) and a change from mi.1 Connect App to Piano Jukebox, it now works with the FCB1010. The mi.1 Connect App is needed to upgrade from <2.0.0 to 2.0.0, but then you can no longer connect with mi.1 Connect. To upgrade to 2.2.1 you need Piano Jukebox. The mi.1 is then available in Piano Jukebox to connect. Supposedly you dont need Piano Juke Box (once the firmware is updated), but I couldnt find a way to get it connected without Piano Jukebox. Could be that none of the Apps I use have the right BTLE support built-in, but the App is small and actually can be closed once the connection is made.

    mi.1 Connect

    Piano JukeBox

    Lastly, my FCB101 has the standard eprom/firmware and when I power it up with the mi.1 connected, the dual 7seg LED display flashes 88. It seems to function and once you change banks the display shows the proper bank, but continues to flash. If I power the FCB1010 on first and then plug in the mi.1, the display is normal (not flashing) and functions normally. Don't know if there are and Pro's or Con's to doing it one way or the other.

    Next on my list of things to try, is @SecretBaseDesign 's "FCBFF -- your Guitar MIDI Foot Controller's Best Friend Forever" for on the fly programming of the FCB1010since the mi.1 does bi-directional midi. PUC+ only does midi one way with the 5 pin cable connection - you get to choose, but not both simultaniously. Currently I us the CCK with an M-Audio MidiSport 1x1 and 2x 5pin Midi cables.


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    Well, received my new fcb1010 and mi.1 last night and got a chance to check things out a bit.

    @Ganthofer -thanks for the tip about Piano Jukebox. At first, I was using mi.1 connect and was able to update the firmware. From there it stopped working but Piano Jukebox solved that issue.

    I didn't have a lot of time last night but was able to set some basic patches and test things out a little.

    For initial tests I just plugged my headphones into my iPad mini2 and used the built in mic. The iPad was sitting on a music stand about 4' away from the fcb1010. I noticed no appreciable latency as far as my purposes are concerned. I was able to click in and out on the beat with no problems at all. Very satisfied with the mi.1.

    I can't wait to get back to it this evening. I didn't have the patience to check the firmware on the fcb1010. I'll do that. One issue I'm hoping to address would be calibrating the expression pedals. I wasn't able to get a full swing on them. I'm also looking forward to using my sm58 and/or c1000 through some decent pres and the audio interface. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted.

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