auto sense of different loop lengths

I've been using Loopy for several years now, absolutely love it!

I have preloaded drum loops, typically 4 measures, but ranging between 1 and multiples of 4. I feed Loopy with bass, keys, guitar, and another percussion device, all fed through a mixer. Control is with a Midi floor board (FCB1010).

My typical session involves kicking off with a drum loop and another instrument. The instrument's loop is ended at some multiple of the drum loop, for a 4 measure drum loop it could be at 2, 4, 8, or 16 measures. Loopy has always normalized the new loop track to a multiple of the original loop without fuss (unless I'm really off on my count!). Then I switch to another instrument and start a new loop... once again timing the loop length to a multiple of the original drum loop's measures. This has worked very well for several years, as in loopy matching the new loop track to whatever the closest multiple of the original was.

So as an example, I might start with a 4/4 drum track, add a 2 measure loop for guitar, then a 16 measure loop for bass, and then an 8 measure loop for keys.

About a week ago, Loopy started imposing strict loop length restrictions... as in the added loops must be the same length or measures as the original drum loop. I'm thinking some parameter was changed, but I can't figure out what it is. I've searched the forum without luck.. any ideas on how to get back to the original way it was configured?

Thanks in advance for helpful comments!



  • So I finally figured out that I simply needed to turn Count-Out Recording to Disabled. Simple enough... but I ended up doing a full delete and reload of the app... and am now reloading the various drum loops.

    It would be wonderful if there were a table that summarized all the settings in a single spot!

    I still think this app is the coolest thing around!

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