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Program changes messages via MIDI Bridge


I have an old Rocktron MIDI pedal that sends only program changes. I have it hooked up to my iPhone via the MIDI Mobilizer. I've loaded up MIDI Bridge and connected the MM to loopy. When I go to add a binding it never sees/responds to a MIDI message as I tap the pedal.

I've verified the pedal is sending messages via 'MIDI Vision' and sunrizer. Just can't get loopy to recognize it.

Any ideas? Tried restarting and experimenting with load order to no avail.



  • Hi Will,

    I'm not sure why it's not working in the current configuration, but may I ask why MIDI Bridge? Why not just connect Loopy directly to the MIDI device?
  • It's the mm1 so it is without core midi support.
  • Another restart and now loopy is seeing events! Can't get any of them to actually work though. :( Again, they are all program change events sent on Channel 1. Loopy sees them during the binding process and allows me to save them via 'add new binding' but once I'm back in the loop screen, no joy. tried with several binding and just one. Once got a white ring around track on but it was still unresponsive. Most attempts were without any indication of track.

    Not sure if this is relevant but on the binding screen loopy shows the data as 'program change / channel 1' without any info about the number of the program change. Wondering if it normally shows and if this might be an indication of it not getting enough data. Pretty sure this midi pedal is from circa 1948 so I wouldn't be surprised though it seems to be working well in other contexts.

  • Ah, I'm very glad to hear that =)

    Are you sure you've selected the control input in the top MIDI settings screen? There should be a tick beside it. (the next update will tick this automatically when you go to edit the bindings)
  • FWIW - I'm not sure Loopy responds to different program changes (correct me if I'm wrong). I remember trying it before and I think you can only bind one action to a program change - ie the same action will be triggered if you send program change #3, #13 etc.
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