Session record feature request -record incoming audio ONLY :-)

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Ok, I thought of a game-changing feature request. Let me explain:

My setup: I've got multiple apps going through Audiobus and recording into Loopy HD. Drums, synths, and guitar thru JamUP and the Focusrite 2i2 interface. It's mostly just noodling, but sometimes I accidentally get together some really nice sounds.

The problem: if I decide to record a session, what comes out is a single stereo audio file. So all my tracks are mixed already... Can't do much post-production on that! So I could try to work with exporting all the tracks into a DAW, but then I can't include any of the performance which was not recorded as part of a loop...

The solution: @michael, please just put a little option in settings that says "session record only incoming audio (not loops)". I really hope it's an easy edit. With that, I could save the session (and export my clean session loops to DAW). The "record session with just live input" would allow me to export that separate track with only the live layer to mix in with the loops in a DAW.

I hope that's utterly simple and possible to implement. It would really open up options for post-production of a live performance, making Loopy a perfect sketch tool that can also be exported to a DAW.


  • OK, ignore all the superfluous words above, but please just add this little feature:

    Allow users to "session record" live audio only, so that loops are not included in session recordings, if you would please. :-)

    Why? We would have SOOOO much more flexibility in turning Loopy jam sessions into well-produced songs

    Huh? How? See above post.

  • Sorry about ignoring you, @Hmtx =(

    Okay! You got it. I've been thinking about implementing multitrack recording, too, so rather than one stereo track, you get one track for the live audio, and one track for each loop.

  • Wow, thanks! Multitrack recording would be great too, especially for complicated songs where I merge or clear tracks as I go. anyway, I thought this idea would be a quick fix alternative and Multitrack rec gets me worried about RAM memory limits on my iPad 2... should I be?

    And sorry to be pushy, I know there is a lot going on. I'll try to go back to waiting patiently for whatever you guys are working on next. I have a feeling I'll like it :-)

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