Loopy on Ipod Touch 5th Generation

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Hi! I’m a happy Loopy user. You’re app definitely helps me to record my vocals much easier than the other softwares that I use. Still, there’s one issue which I’m troubled with regarding when it’s coming about sharing the recorded session and return to the session view. On the Ipad there’s no problem with it, but using it now on the Ipod Touch 5th generation, the name of your recording and the small arrow that guides you back to the sessions view are layered, and it’s impossible to go back to session view. Therefor, after anytime I’m recording something, I have to share it to be saved, and then to reinstall Loopy (which sucks, because I’m loosing all my sessions in this way).

Would be more than thankful if you could guide me in this way or update the product.


  • I have the same issue on my iPod 5. Sharing though audiocopy had no problems, but sharing through email ends up making it impossible to use the top left "back" arrow when back in the loopy screen selecting which way to share.
    I don't understand what you mean with layered. Maybe a screenshot can clear this, but i have no need to reinstall Loopy. When i close the program completely (doubleclick the home button and close Loopy there) i can start it up and things are back to normal without losing anything.

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