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Feature requests from bone

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  • Love the app Michael! Just did my first live loop performance this past Sunday with it. I had an Akai Headrush I never got the hang of - and sold it after getting your app.

    Features I'd love to see:
    Loop re-start trigger from the '1' or 'top' option - ala Ableton
    Start recording on finger off option - ala everyday looper

    I set the clock with my first bar or two of beat boxing - so getting that one right the first time is critical when performing.

    I know you are working on fx - cant wait for reverb and delay - plus anything that would help a weak beat boxer get a fatter sound.

    The bank idea would be nice too- especially with the trigger from the top option.

    If almighty Apple would ever sanction it- a ReWire type utility that would allow using multiple apps in concert would be killer. I'd love to get garage band instruments to loop live - without multi device & associated hardware hassles

    FYI I am using Alesis multi mix 8 via the camera adapter and it gives me a few fx, small mixer control and a small footprint ( for what it does) . There are no noticeable latency issues with garaged band and loopy. The art dual USB pre is also working excellently - with less features but even more compact- battery operation possible too with it.

    I'd. be willing to pre- pay for significant upgrades to help support your work on this great tool - also beta test.

    Keep up the great work

  • Cheers for the thoughts, Noam! Really glad to hear it's working for you.

    Regarding your multiple-apps-in-concert point - you'll be happy to hear I'm working on a project that does precisely this (it's the reason there haven't been any Loopy updates for a little while), and it's going to rock =)
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