Loopy quit during startup

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Hi, for some reason my Loopy app started to quit during startup (all I see is welcome screen and after it hides). Funny thing is that it's not quitting but just hiding, but then I open it again from the list of running apps still the same is happening.

I think the good idea is to reinstall Loopy, but how can I save my session before that?

Thanks for your help in advance!

(I have ipad 3 & ios 6.1.3 )


  • Sounds like reinstalling is a good idea, @Tajnost - you can save everything via iTunes or an app like iFunBox; drag it out of Loopy's documents, then drag it back in after you're done. While you're at it, would you mind emailing me your "Auto Save.loopysession" so I can see if I can figure out what went wrong? (I'm michael at atastypixel dot com)

  • PS. If you're using iTunes, you'll notice that you can't drag folders into the documents area (although you can drag them out). The solution is to zip everything up, and drag the zip file into Loopy, which will automatically unzip.

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