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I've been using LoopyHD for a while, and it's simply the best looper in IOS, and probably always will be.

I've been looping since 1988 using hardware loopers - many, many different ones, starting with some old Digitechs, then moving up to the Oberheim Echoplex Pro, and now, I use Roland RC series loopers almost exclusively - for my guitar and keyboard work.

But for my app work - it's all about Loopy, and I am loving it - it does take some getting used to.

I have a really basic question though, to save space, I want to remove all of the loopy tracks I've created in the last 18 months (about 1 GB remarkably) - and I am concerned about this - and this is why:

I understand how to go into iTunes, and "Save To" all of my tracks (I regularly back up all of my audio from all of my apps this way - except for those that use a different method to the iTunes method) - I get that part.

It's the "restore" part I am worried about.

If I decide that I want to "put back" a session from 2012, that I've saved to a folder on my PC, is it as simple as dropping that folder back into LoopyHD on iTunes, and syncing? Is that all you have to do?

I don't want to remove them if I can't restore them, as I might want to do further work on some of the sessions.

So can someone more knowledgeable, please confirm that this simplistic "restore" will really work, before I damn myself by removing a gigabyte of loopyHD sessions and mixes? I just want to put them back and re-use them

Thank you!



  • Im not into using iTunes, just use the free PC/Mac software iFunbox. It allows you to just drag and drop files and folders between the iOS device and the computer in the most straightforward way. Click on app file sharing folder in iFunbox and open the Loopy folder to see all the folders for each session youve created. Thats how I back up and restore iOS files.

  • @Smeeeth - Thanks - just downloaded and tried it. Cool!
    @pureambient - Thanks for asking the question.

  • Oh cool. When copying back into loopy on the iPad from my laptop, will it simply overwrite the existing files? Will they be put into alphabetical order?

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