FAQ: Is (enter MIDI device here) compatible with Loopy?

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...As long as it's Core MIDI-compatible, the answer is yes! This includes old MIDI hardware, as long as you have an appropriate third-party adaptor (like the iRig MIDI, etc.)

You can find a list of devices that are known to be Core MIDI-compatible (and those that aren't) here: http://iosmidi.com/devices/


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    Why doesn't work with Yamaha MO8?

    Yamaha is one of my favorite companies. Anything I've ever had from Yamaha has been durable, long lasting, and high quality. With that said, it pains me to reveal that I will have a few negative things to say about this keyboard, in addition to the positive things I have to say.
  • Any chance of WIST MIDI compatibility in the future?
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    Very unlikely, @saichele - MIDI clock sync is well-established, works well, and is very compatible. I don't have plans to implement WIST at this stage.
  • Michael, love your product although I haven't had much time to explore. Have you tried using loopy with the midi bridge app? I use it play sounds from various apps with the interface of other apps. Example, would be playing garage band sounds through Geo Synth. It also connects midi hardware. Wondering if this would work to connect Loopy with other apps. I don't know if it gives recording functionality though, but may be worth a try.
  • Thanks Mgmg,

    You'd probably be interested in Audiobus: http://audiob.us
  • Anyone know if the http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/effects/midimoose.html is midi compliant or know of a midi foot controller that is that is also battery powered? Was gonna go with the fcb 1010 but the wall plugin kills it for me.
  • One awesome thing I have found is that my Allen and Heath Zed 10FX works perfectly as an audio interface with effects and I can use a USB hub and an ESI KeyControl25XT as a midi controller with the ipad in general. Bring on the effects engine for the Loopy HD. so looking forward to that.
  • Here's a question: For all the talk about the Alesis iODock being problematic, has anyone had a chance to try the Alesis AmpDock? On paper it looks like it has similar capabilities, but it is a later model. Could they have improved this later release?
  • Hi @Frogbutt, have a look at UMI3 from logidy, it's bus powered.

  • I use a midi mobilizer and it doesn't seem to work?

  • @enelec83: Can you be more specific?

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    I am very interested in finding a usb midi footswitch for this. I am looking at getting the SoftStep which is USB. It has multitouch on the pads so you can really have a lot of control. Does anyone have one of these to try?

    UPDATE: It looks like you must buy another device from them if you don't hook the foot controller to the computer. You would need a KMI SoftStep USB MIDI Expander. Without that it sounds like the device would be useless if you tried to hook it directly to an ios device through the camera connection kit.

    A quote from the hardware description:
    "The SoftStep application works with the SoftStep hardware controller to manipulate sensor data for finely tailored control. These modified control sources are mappable to any MIDI or OSC destination, giving the player unlimited potential for creative expression."


  • I have a midi mobilizer from line6, it works with a few apps but loopy doesn't even seem to see it.

  • @enelec83: Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in a couple of times? The MIDI device announcement on iOS can be a bit dodgy sometimes.

  • The midi mobilizer 1 requires midi bridge, I believe. Or you may be able to get another MM1 compatible app to send midi to loopy via virtual midi.

  • I can confirm with that the Midi Mobilizer 1 works with Loopy via Midibridge. There seems to be a small amount of latency added but this shouldn't be much of a problem with Loopy as it's not too timing-sensitive (for most purposes).

  • Just thought I'd chime in with my setup:

    Audio Input:
    Alesis MultiMix 8, able to send 8 different signals to the iPad with a composite to 1/8" cable. Headphone monitor from the mixer.

    Foot Controller:
    I'm using an old Digitech Control 7 with great success.

    For $6 the HDE USB MIDI Cable on amazon works great with the original iPad.

    I have an M-Audio MidiSport UNO that DOES NOT work. It must be an older version, it did come with a CD for driver install...hence it must not be class compliant.

    Anyways. I'm having tons of fun and thanks to the Dev for this great app.

  • @skeet, does the alesis work via the dock or are you going in analog? If dock, are you using a hub to collect that and the USB/MIDI connector?

  • hi. has anyone used this with a guitar, a pedal controller of any kind, and a guitar processing app such as irig for live performance? is it possible?

  • Syrupcore. I'm using the alesis analog. I should the clarify that I am recording the mix out of the mixer. Technically, I'm not sending 8 separate signals...I'm sending the full mix to the ipad's mic/line in, but I'm only playing one thing at a time. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Behringer fcb 1010 Works well With alesis i/o Dock and loopy hd

  • @Michael said:
    Very unlikely, saichele - MIDI clock sync is well-established, works well, and is very compatible. I don't have plans to implement WIST at this stage.

    Have you changed your mind about WIST? I recently bought a Monotribe and have plans to get a couple of Volcas and would be nice being able to sync them to Loopy.

  • I'm afraid not - Korg have actually retired WIST; it's not supported any more.

  • Does the Novation Launchkey Mini with InControl work with loopy?

  • I don't own one of these, @James, but if it's Core MIDI compliant, then yes.

  • Hello, I hope it´s o.k. to ask this question here: I´m using the FCB1010 Footswitch via iConnec Audio4+ to trigger Loopy. That worked fine but now I´m getting a delay i.e. the loop starts and stops half a second late after I pressed the foot switch. I the Loopy settings I can see the midi commands come in immediately but in live operation this latency is added. Any Idea? I´m using an iPad Air iOs 9.1 with Loopy HD. Thanks, Uwe

  • Problem solved, changed the midi comand from "hold" to "on" now it works. Sorry for bothering you. Uwe

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