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Synch and midi control question from a potential customer!

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(I also posted this on the 'welcome thread'...sorry to double up)

I'm very interested in this...I currently use mobius on a PC. Some questions:

1/ Do the loops HAVE to be syncronised? What if I want, say, three loops to be moving independantly. Can I mix some synched loops with others that are not?

2/ Midi in...I have an old Roland FC50 (midi footswitch) that sends program changes via midi...could loopy dig that?

3/ If the answer to my 2nd question is 'yes', how easy is it to assign functions to a given pedal?

Many thanks,



  • 1. Nope! You can turn off loop sync in Settings. However, you can't currently mix sync'd with non-sync'd loops, live - it's just one or the other, per session. The one caveat there is that you *can* import loops (that you've previously recorded, or transferred from your computer), and if they're exactly the same length (or multiples/fractions of each other), then they will stay synchronised.

    2. Yep, that'll work fine.
  • Hey that's all good and certainly not a deal breaker over the synch/non synch stuff. you should see the pc i lug to gigs at the moment!

    thanks so much for your super fast response...2 1/2 weeks till i get my ipad 2...!
  • Great! Happy to help - I hope I get to see what you get up to with it =)
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