Free Virtual Midi Slider? Interapp Control?

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Hey does anyone know of any interapp virtual sliders or faders that are free? also are there any really cheap analog sliders or faders with knobs that people use for track volumes and paning?


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    Take a look at MIDI Designer Lite(free version). Its a very solid app. Faders, knobs, sliders, drumpads, are all easy to create and assign to any MIDI message. It has virtual MIDI and can send via wifi to PC or another iOS device.

    I don't know about analog controllers( I think you mean a hardware device),
    the NanoKontrol 2 looks interesting and cheap.

  • awesome! do you know anything about alchemy? it's syncd with loopy through audiobus, both are set as inputs. i'm trying to create a new binding but it there is nothing triggering a midi function when i move a slide on the screen with four sliders and a master slide. so when i switch back to loopy, nothing has triggered the binding, the command isn't linked with a function.

    I'm going to try the midi designer lite right now, but if you know how to make the alchemy stuff work it would be pretty cool

  • i just got midi designer lite and it's great! how do i hook up the bindings?

  • figured it out!

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