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Video using Loopy with a Korg Nanokontrol, Kaossilator and KP3 and a handmade diddley bow

edited January 2012 in General
In the video I am running the diddley bow through the iShred app and into my iPad. Loopy was used to record my loops and controlled with a Korg Nanokontrol The drum tracks were put down prior to filming with a Roland Handsonic 10. The lead synth was also pre recorded with my Korg Kaossilator Pro running through another Kaoss pad. I used a Griffin iMic for the audio interface to the iPad.

I had some trouble getting a clean signal and for some reason the recording came out very low too.
so I used garageband to help bump up the levels and reduce some of the hiss and shape the sound. Another problem I keep running into is the nanokontrol kept getting flicked off for no apparent reason.

Check um out here:

Thanks for watching!
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