Is it just me....?

It might just be me, but I cannot seem to get Loopy working in Audiobus (output) with any app. I was trying to duplicate the Sunrizer into Loopy YouTube video, but when I launch Loopy from Audiobus and press record, I never see the audiobus tab, and when I use the home button to switch back to Audiobus, Loopy's status is ZZz.... What am I doing wrong?



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    Loopy + Audiobus = magic. This is true, but it doesn't take magic to get it set up. ;-) Have you tried the usual suspects?

    • reboot your iDevice

    • "force close" any non- audio apps

    • check for App Store updates for any Audiobus apps. (Reboot again after updates)

    Good luck!

  • Yes,

    I have rebooted the device (iPad 3), force closed all other apps, everything is most recent. I have also un-installed and reinstalled both Loopy and Audiobus.

    Also, I have noticed that Loopy will not successfully "wake up" in any of the three Audiobus docks.

    I'm a tad disappointed, as it was the Sunrizer to Loopy video that sold me on Loopy.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Something fishy going on here... Jailbroken? or stock iOS?

  • Stock iOS. Audiobus working fine with any supported app into Multitrack DAW as output. Only Loopy is giving me grief.

  • Huh, strange. Next I would delete Loopy, and reinstall it. Save all your projects via iTunes or ifunbox first.

    Is loopy working ok outside of Audiobus?

  • Yes, it is very strange. I've already deleted and re-installed Loopy. It's brand new to me so I had no projects to save.

    Loopy seems to working fine outside of Audiobus, going by the limited testing I did using only the internal mic for input.

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