Metronome Routing??

I'm wondering if there is some way to route the metronome to a headphone output? I know others have run into this problem but I haven't found any solutions. Is there some solution with another app that could sync MIDI clock with Loopy and be controlled/turned on and off while I run it in the background. I know that was a confusing run on sentence, but I'm not sure how to ask it...

I just need a metronome that is in sync with my Loopy tempo and will only play out my headphone output.
Any ideas?? Thanks so much :)


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    hi there,

    OPTION 1 you can have a loopy track panned to the right, with a metronome. just divide right and left out channels using a stereo splitter. connect an earphone to the right channel out, and the left channel to your amp.

    OPTION 2 if you have 2 idevices, you can sync them using bluetooth. it's tricky, as michael didn't seem to like bluetooth syncing very much. here is how i do it:

    you must have "MoDrum" app in both devices (it's just a beat sequencer).

    1. open it and go to settings "wist". sync both devices using this bluetooth functionality. (i don't know why, but "wist" works pretty well and is really easy to setup, once you are paired you can see the other idevice in loopy midi settings, otherwise i just can't see it)

    2. once both are paired, you go to loopy and under "midi" you activate "enable network". whatever name you see there, it is the bluetooth connexion. tap it.

    3. under "clock inputs" in loopy tap MoDrum.

    your main device must be "master" and the other "slave". so each time you press play in loopy, the other idevice will play MoDrum beat, and you can plug earphones to it and use it as a metronome. (or the oposite! i don't remember... the case is the other idevice can run a rhythm pattern synced with loopy, and you can plug earphones to it and use it as a metronome)

    OPTION 3 if you don't have 2 idevices, you can do the same by syncing your idevice by wifi to a computer, syncing clocks and send the metronome of any daw to a earphones.

    someday michael will implement loopy to send metronome choosing audio out (using multiple out interfaces). 'till then, these are the options.

    i hope it helps.

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    If you have a cheap drummachine somewhere lying around you can send midi clock from loopy to the machine (assuming you have an iDevice interface providing audio AND Midi capabilities).

  • I use Loopy to send Midi to VoiceLive Touch 2, which has a "headphone only" metronome.
    Syncs the two loopers and gives me a useful metronome.

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