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Loopy HD: Working With Delays (Part 1)

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This tutorial shows how you can create simple delays - or really complex ones - using Loopy's COPY and MERGE functions. I just discovered this technique accidentally and started to mess around with it, like I'm sure many other Loopy users have as well.

This is Part 1. Later parts of this Delay tutorial series will show how to build up progressively more complicated "multi-tap" delays. Once you get the basic idea, you can see how easy it is to build up massive delays that swirl and pan back-and-forth in the mix. Sure, a delay plugin would be easy and convenient - but doing it this way is pretty cool too! Lots of creative possibilities.


  • Awesome, I've been playing around with this too. Lots of fun :-)

  • Alright, now that I had a chance to watch the whole thing, have you tried dragging loops to open slots? In settings, you can tell it to copy (duplicate) loops when you drag them instead of move. Prepare for your mind to be blown!

  • Wow Hmtx, you weren't kidding! That makes things even easier. Just had to turn off "Clear after merge" under "Track management". Excellent!

    Thanks for the extremely helpful advice - just another reason why forums like this are so great.

  • And here I thought I had this big "Eureka!" moment when I figured out the Copy & Import thing. Duh. LOL.

    As if this app wasn't cool enough already. My mind is now officially blown.

  • Haha, so glad to hear. I had my own eureka moment when I made a detailed forum post/ feature request about dragging to copy... All to find out it is already there in the "clear after merge" switch. What a time saver, no?

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    Nice, maybe rotate the duplicated loop somewhat and turn the volume a bit lower. And your vid is a bit long, what you're trying to show starts at 1:50.

  • Hi, I signed up, hoping to be able to watch this video,
    but it is still private :(. Anybody has any ideas/clues as
    how to get around this?


    @JFMusicDude said:

    This tutorial shows ...

  • ^^^ Same for me. Shows video as unavailable. Long time member though.

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