Phase Issues in Exports

Hey, just wondering if anyone else has run into this. I've been recording vocal loops (straight from the iPad microphone, which is surprisingly good if you run it through a leveler and eq) and exporting them as WAVs. Perfectly normal. But the left and right channels of the WAV files are always 180 degrees out of phase, for some reason. Which means that mixed down to a mono file there's precisely no signal, and even through macbook speakers I get really weird distortions and phase cancellations.

Is this a coding bug? Have other people seen this? Or is it some other link in my chain?


  • You are using audiobus, right? Maybe it's related to the app you are using as effect app?

  • Doubtful. It doesn't seem to have problems when I play a recording from the iPad speakers IN Loopy. It's only when it's out of Loopy and onto my computer.

  • As the build in microphone is mono it might be that the preperation of the stereo wav-file for the export is somehow going wrong.
    So just delete the right track and make a mono-wav out of the exported file.

  • That's what I've been doing. BUT it prevents me from exploring Loopy's panning options :S Do you know of any software that allows you to phase-reverse one channel of a wav file?

  • Hmm, not sure but probaly any wave edit software should be able to do that.
    Did you try "Audacity"?

  • I'll do that. I'm sure i can find a workaround, I just thought it was a thing worth fixing if it's actually a loopy issue. Anyways, thanks for your help :)

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