no synchro track on overdub

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my config is :
ableton live clock outpout -> iodock (firmware updated)
and the track synchronization dont work when i overdub
i've updating last version today and it's the same thing !!! i'have some crash too !
(sorry for my english)


  • Can you explain "don't work" in a little more detail?

  • No synchro ans crash

  • When i play loops And change the tempo with live loopy crash

  • I think it takes a while for Loopy to resample after a tempo change. I've noticed a ring that runs around each loop when I change the bpm, which takes a few seconds depending on how many loops I'm working with.

    I haven't tried to change tempo while it's running though, so maybe that's what you are up against.
    Are you using an iPod, iPhone or iPad?

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