Can this be done?

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I would like to have 3 loops for percussion (hi hat, shaker and tamb), They would continue to play and i could and i could start and stop them at different times during the song.

I would like to have 3 other loops for the song parts (Verse, chorus, bridge) these loops would turn each other off.
for example loop 1 verse playing when i click loop 2 (to record) it will stop loop 1 then starting loop 3 (to record) would stop loop 2. Mean while all the percussion loops continue to play.

I hope this makes sense as i am having a hard time trying to explain what i want to do.

thanks for your time and help



  • Right with you, i want to start the tracks when playing live ith a tap and when the loop restarts the track starts with it
    Other iOS loopers have this function so it can be done or i haven't found it yet

  • @bstoner This is exactly how i use Loopy right now. I use 3 drum loops imported from drumjam with the same time set so they build upon each other, so i can switch them on/off separately during session.
    To switch to loop 2 (to record) you do need to separately mute loop 1.

  • Tom,

    When you go back to loop 1, does it start at the top or just shut off the mute and continue from wherever it was in that loop?

    I'm still waiting for a definite answer as to the verse>chorus> bridge functionality.

    If it picks up in the middle of the muted loop, it's kind of useless.

  • There is a setting "count-in/out mute". With "on" it will wait for the beginning of the loop, and "off" will make it mute/unmute instantly. This is a general setting, and i always have it on.

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