Is it possible to have sound output go from iPod touch to iPad (which has loopy)?

If it is possible. Will it only work with certain apps that work well with loopy?
Keep in mind neither of my devices are mobile capable. Just WiFi and Bluetooth.


  • Well, it is possible using 2 irigs or similar devices.
    Before audiobus came, i used 1 ipod for amkit, and 1 ipod for loopy using 2 Cherub GB2I's.
    I have not heard of a program yet that streams audio wireless, low latency with audiobus support.

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    I still do this sometimes. I have an alesis io4 on my iPad and the blue digital Mikey with stereo in on my phone. Send stereo out of the iPad (interface isn't really required, headphone jack out would be fine) and into the stereo in on the Mikey. Set loopy on the receiving device to "monitor headphone input" and bob's yer uncle.

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