setting the best loop points

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i've been stumped on this. it's probably not just limited to loopy. i feel like i'm punching in and out at the right time, but the loop is always missing something either at the beginning or the end. would love to see a video on how someone else walks through this tricky process.


  • I've found there are two ways to make sure you're spot-on: Either turn on count-in (it's on by default), and set a tempo beforehand, or tap the track on the *downbeats*, as if it was a percussion instrument or something. Actually, to be precise, it's not a tap, it's a release (because the actual action happens when the touch ends), so release on the downbeats.
  • @Michael – Total nube question here, but where in the settings is the count-in on/off control for the iPad version? I feel like an idiot at this point, although I seem to have found everything else.

    I just purchased loopy a couple of days ago because it has Audiobus integration (and it's depth of integration is impressive). It's not at all what I thought... In fact, Loopy is a thousand times better, more powerful, versatile, and more exciting than I believed when I saw it in the App Store. I'm really glad I finally purchased it! Now if I could just find that count-in setting...

  • Settings > Track management > Synchronization

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