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Long press MIDI actions

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  • @Michael - Is it possible for Loopy to respond to long presses of midi pedals?

    For example, first press would record, second short press would end recording and begin looping. But if the loop was a bad take and you knew it while recording, first press would record but a long press would stop recording and clear and allow a retake?

  • Not at this stage, @Ringleader, but do vote on it at http://www.facebook.com/questions/504463922928679/ if you like

  • @Michael: As I do not have a FB account and I'm not nterested in having one: is it possible to make this poll public? This way people like me could also make a vote.

  • I'm afraid Facebook just don't allow that - I would be very interested in finding an alternative poll platform for that, though (I've just not had time to look).

  • This wouldnt work with momentary pedals/switches.......

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    @Wally - why not? Think of a computer keyboard (which is a normally open momentary switch). Pressing once gives one letter. Pressing and holding gives multiple instances of the same letter. I could see it being trickier with latching switches though.

  • I don't have a FB account either. I will try to get my wife to vote on my behalf. I'm thinking a slightly modified one button looper binding (like the Ditto looper, Jamman solo, etc.) would be killer.

  • That Ditto looper is a great little itty-bitty looper for those of you using stompboxes. It won't do complex stuff, just single loops with overdubs.

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    I'm just thinking how cool would it be to have like 4 or even 6 dedicated buttons on the FCB or a softstep all set up with a one button looper binding each for a dedicated track - all in sync, and controllable with all of loopys other control options.

    If this is even possible, you could have separate undo/redo per track with the long press. Pressing twice could maybe mute track instead of stopping the loop. Then a long press while the track is muted could clear it. Just thinking out loud here but you wouldn't want to stop a single loop in relation to the other loops.

    I use the toggle mute binding currently because it allows record and mute with a single dedicated button, but the one button looper would be way more flexible.

  • For what it's worth, there are MIDI controllers out there that do allow for long press delay functions, but that's opting for a whole new piece of hardware.

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    FYI - Audeonic released a new update for their MidiBridge app that allows long press (+H Hold) functionality in the Stream Byter! Once I have done some more tests I will post some more info on this. But in short, it is awesome and fully configurable and could potentially double the functionality of your current foot controller!

  • Ringleader, this is really a BIG idea !!!
    I'm going to try this, and post, but will be very happy to read about your results !

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    Yes I have been meaning to post more info but just haven't had the time. I don't have my equipment with me but here is a bit to get you started.

    Keep in mind that the stream byter uses hexadecimal (converters available online) so it's not a direct cc number to cc number correlation. These commands work best on the device sending the message vs. the device receiving (in Midibridge).

    Here is an example of a single cc conversion from my setup. I believe this one is routing cc 15 (0F) to cc 51 (33). Then I repeated the code for every cc that I wanted to remap with a hold but swapped out the hexadecimal code for the different CCs.

    B0 0F 01 = XX XX 7F (converts 1 to 7F - Nic said this was required for my KMI softstep which sends a 1 for on and 0 for off)

    B0 0F = B0 33 7F +H500 (after holding down the button for 500ms the new cc is sent)

    If you are using the hold to clear the loop or to do a command where loopy requires a confirmation press to complete the action, then an additional message is needed such as:

    B0 0F = B0 33 7F +H600 (after continuing to hold for 600ms a repeated message is sent to confirm the action)

    I attached a pic example of what it looks like in Midibridge.

    Currently, I've got all buttons on my softstep sending the different CC messages when holding down for 500ms. You can alter that value (in ms) to more or less depending on your preferences. 6 of the buttons are set to toggle mute and are dedicated to 6 different tracks. Then when pressing and holding on the corresponding button it will clear the dedicated track. Killer! Plus I've got the other buttons configured for other functions like restart, reset session, etc.

    It just takes some patience and experimentation to get it set up how you want it. You do have to think through which functions work on a hold though since some functions work better than others.

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    Bumping due to edited post and pic added for those who are interested in trying this.

    Also - an important tip- in Midibridge, in order for Loopy to respond to these commands, I had to map my midi controller source to the Midibridge (not Loopy HD) destination. So in my case, the source is SSCOM port (softstep) containing the stream byter code installed (a little "on" bubble appears if the stream byter is active) with green line to Midibridge destination. These have to be linked like this in order to work. Then in Loopy HD I selected Midibridge as the midi control input.

    When Loopy is learning the controls that you want to assign, you can test that everything is working properly because when you hold down the midi button, Loopy will respond to the new CC message. Then you just assign the new command to the new CC same as always.

    I think this info will eventually end up on Nic's (Audeonic) forum and I'll put a link to it. I suggested the hold feature idea to him but he did all of the work and is the mastermind behind all of this and without his help I would have never figured this all out. I'm thinking if the info is on his site then he can answer any questions much easier. Anywhoo, enjoy this huge leap in controller functionality! Now we just need some more creative bindings to link all of this to!

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    Oh great, this is much easier with explanations...Many thanks !
    Do you mind posting screenshot for the mapping or other part of midibridge ? (I did it yesterday, so I think it's okay, but just to be sure...)
    The first screen helps a lot as well...
    Hopefully I will be able to test this week-end...

    Once again BIG THANKS for sharing, this is a HUGE progress !!!!!

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    Here is what it looks like mapping my softstep source to the Midibridge destination. Notice the red "On" bubble showing that there is some filtering going on, in this case it is the stream byter coding as shown in the above pic.

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    And then just make sure in Loopy that you select Midibridge instead of your controller directly.

    The beauty of this hold functionality being available outside of loopy is that you can use it with your other apps too. You could get really crazy with this stuff, including engaging different effects or presets, the sky is the limit as long as the app allows a midi binding for whatever function you want to control.

    I've already become dependent on this hold functionality. I still have to experiment with the hold time values (ms) because sometimes when I want to press twice it thinks it is a hold so a little work to be done there. But otherwise it is such a natural flow to hold and clear the loop or whatever. Looking forward to seeing how others will use this.

  • Ok, back after a while...Too much work to do...
    Anyway, I've tested this :

    NX 00 = CX 00 +H500
    NX 00 = CX 00 + H600

    So what I want is to add a new control change while pressing between 0.5 and 0.6 secs, which will allow me to add a new action on top of the first one, but Loopy is sending the message : "bound to toggle record"

    I've also posted here :

    Any clue ?
    Thanks !

  • Hey Ringleader,
    My FCB1010 is sometimes sending a double signal when pressed, which in effect messes up my whole performance. I opened it up and cleaned it, but to no avail. Is there any way to cancel an identical second send midi message within a certain time limit with Midibridge?
    Thanks a lot

  • Hey Tom, There probably is a way to do this but I'm not sure what the coding would be. Nic over at the soapbox forum is really helpful. Maybe try asking there: http://audeonic.boards.net

  • @tom you can do almost anything u want using midibridge and steambyter. and nic, the developer, will do all dirty job for u. i asked him to block certain midi cc for a certain amount of time, and even if steambyter was not able to do it by itself, he came wit a very nice workaround that works great, it takes time and work, just follow the steps he wrote in this thread in his forum:


    lucky us we have midibridge and such a kind developer to help us!


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