Loopy HD vs RC-300



  • @ABrokenRecord said:
    It is possible (and fairly simple).

    Just go into settings > track management > count out recording > disabled

    Recording will stop at the next appropriate boundary. What that means is that if you stop it on beat 2, it will continue recording until the start of the next measure.

    So essentially, you can record a 1 bar beat, then record a 7 bar loop, then a 2 bar, and they would all sync up.

    great, thanks!!

  • I don't know how it works with rc 300 but all of the basic hardware loopers I'veused had loop length set by the first loop. In loopy i only do punch in recording and love it as it gives me the freedom and flexibility of deciding the length on the spot. This is absolutely the best thing I like about loopy. Other than being able to apply fx on loops I choose which again can be problematic with hardware.

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    Thanks @ABrokenRecord.

    Despite RC-300 being high end hardware -- with more "pro" and reliable handling of time and audio, and other features that one would expect from a big, expensive, heavy, dedicated piece of hardware -- after tweaking my setup a little, I find that I am starting to use Loopy more than RC-300. Because Loopy is good enough!

    My setup is:

    1. Synchronize tracks = On
    2. Count-in recording = Off
    3. Count-out recording = On (finishes measure)

    This way, Loopy continues recording to the end of the current measure.

    NOTE: Count-out recording is "On", Count-in recording is disabled. This is different than what you posted.


    My Loopy setup in action:


  • @mojozart

    This is what I see in my Loopy HD.

  • The Wiki you are referring to hasn't been updated in about 16 months. The new language in the settings are what I described. Same thing, different language.

  • Count-in recording = Off & Count-out recording = On is working for me in the way described in the wiki.

    The language in settings says Count-out recording = Off will continue until you stop it manually, whereas Count-out recording = On will continue until the end of the loop.

    I hope someone can update the wiki if that's what is needed.

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    Interesting. For count out recording, I have 3 options: Enable, Disable, or Disable Instant End. (As pictured)

  • Ah, I see what you're looking at now. I have that, too. Thanks!

    I'm using a master loop length of "1" which sort of works the same, if one taps-out at the right time.

    I need to play with the new count-out option.

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